Just recently, Google announced that developers should expect a new update to the Google Play Services SDK. The Google Play Services 8.4 SDK for developers brings with it some much-needed developer features. This updated version will allow developers to know the kind of users who download their app, and adds improvements to finding ways of generating revenue.

The Google Play Services 8.4 update now allows developers to customize email app invitations. In earlier versions, developers had to stick to user-defined content for email invitations. With the 8.4 update, developers have been given the power to add content to invite emails. Google has also tweaked the Player Stats API, which benefit game developers. Based on the preference of the users, developers will now be able to tweak and improve their games.

Google has introduced a new churn prediction tool that helps app developers understand their audience better, giving them insight to user activity. Developers can now get a feed of this data and introduce new features in the apps to help generate revenue within the app. This feature also gives insight to developers whether a user will prefer payment options for playing the game.

Developers are encouraged to get this update now, as Google has been pushing Play Services 8.4 to Android smartphones and tablets since mid-November. The bulk of Android devices should now be able to take advantage of these new features as soon as devs publish their revised apps.

SOURCE: Google