If you’re a frequent user of the Google Play Store, not just for downloading free apps but making various purchases, then you’ll finally get your just rewards. Google is launching the Google Play Points rewards program in the U.S. after enjoying successful launches the past year in South Korea and Japan. It’s a free program so you don’t need to think twice about joining as you will earn points which you can use later on for discounts, special items, and donations to supported charities.

The basic idea for the Google Play Points system is to let you earn points every time you use the Play Store for subscribing to services, making in-app purchases, buying ebooks, movies, and other content. You also get additional points if you download the featured free apps and games which Google will probably use to push titles that will either pay for that privilege or those that they believe people should be downloading.

There are four levels of points from Bronze to Platinum and of course where you are on those levels depends on the number of points that you’ve collected. You will get more perks and prizes the higher you get. And what do you do with those points? You can use them for special in-app items like characters, gems, and other things you want to purchase within a game or app. You can also use it for Google Play Credit so you can rent or buy a movie or buy an ebook or audiobook.

But if you want to use your points for a more honorable cause, you can also use it to help support causes from a list of nonprofits that they will keep changing. For now, the organizations you can support are Doctors Without Borders USA, Save the Children, and the World Food Program USA.

Google Play Points will be available in the U.S. starting next week. There is no joining fee or monthly fee so it shouldn’t be too hard of a decision for you. Just open the Play Store and then tap on the menu then Play Points and you’re on your way to earning points.