Google Play Pass subscription service was introduced back in September 2019 with a collection of over 350 apps and games. The service gives Android users the opportunity to try out paid content which otherwise would be a tad too expensive to purchase. This is something similar to the Apple Arcade, and more or less, a way to rival the Cupertino giant. Play Pass has grown exponentially with almost 800 titles associated, as of March 31, 2021.

Google has now announced that the service has spread to 48 more territories around the world in a span of just two months. This brings the total number of countries, where the Play Pass has a presence, to an impressive 90 – including new additions like Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Fiji, Mali, Paraguay, South Africa, Ukraine, and Uruguay.

Even though the global reach is small for now in the larger perspective, but Google is trying the best they can to reach Android users. Remember there are market and legal considerations to tend to when bringing such services to any country.

Google has brought 42 new games to the Play Pass service including titles from genres such as puzzle, action, roleplay, strategy, racing, simulation and sports. Highlighting ones being the Evoland 2 and Crying Suns that costs $6.99 and $8.99 respectively as standalone titles – and other titles include Night of the Full Moon and Botanicula.

All the titles in the catalog can be accessed ad-free for a monthly fee of $4.99 or a yearly plan of $29.99 with Play Pass. Verizon customers on unlimited plans can get access to a maximum of 12 months of Play Pass for free. The Big Red’s Start Unlimited plan earns a six months pass, while Verizon’s Play More or Get More unlimited plans brings 12 months of access.


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