If you’ve been using Google Play Music as your default player or streaming service, then you might have been experiencing some playback issues lately. Apparently these intermittent playback problems have been ongoing since last year, but a reddit thread has resurrected the issue once again. While Google has not yet made a fix or issued a statement, more people talking about it should eventually lead to an update resolving what is probably a major bug problem.

Even the Google Play Help Forums have been bombarded with users complaining about playback issues, which includes some of the songs stopping at random parts. Some would would be able to play 3 songs in succession, then on the 4th or 5th songs, the song would cut out in random places. There are also other several issues that other users are reporting and it cuts across accounts, devices, and even what kind of music is playing (streaming or saved locally).

Of course since forums are helpful places (well, most of the time actually), there are some suggestions on how to fix it. Some have rolled back to a previous version of Google Play Music while some have suggested clearing the cache or even stopping Bluetooth streaming. But of course not all of these fixes work for all users, so some have still not found a solution to the glitches.

Hopefully, since a lot more people are talking about it, it will eventually reach Google’s ears (as it should) and a solution will be applied. Having a song stop in the middle while you’re very much into a sound trip is one of the worst things that could happen.

VIA: Reddit