Google Music recently received a pretty big update with an entirely new user interface to go along with their new “All Access” music streaming service, but sadly the app needs some work. Today Google’s busy updating multiple apps, and Play Music just got some much needed new features. Mainly the ability to delete a track, which surprisingly wasn’t available before.

Today Google is updating the Play Music app with a few new features, but so far the update isn’t showing up for everyone and is a staged rollout. The update will allow users to delete tracks, as well as add or remove songs to/from the library, and even share songs. Those my access songs can blend in with everything you’d always had in Play Music, but you weren’t able to delete any of them on mobile devices.

Instead of having to open up a web browser and search for the song, then delete it, we now can quickly and easily do so on mobile. We’re not sure how this managed to get passed up on the initial release, but at least they were quick with an update. Right?

* Added option to delete tracks
* Can share song and add to playlist from Now Playing screen
* Remove from My Library now supported

That’s the entire change log above. The Now playing screen has more options in the settings menu too, as stated above. You can instantly add or remove the song from your library, or share it with all your friends. Friends that Google hopes are on Google+ when you share the music. The Play Store says the update is available today, May 29th, but many still aren’t seeing it. This is a part of their new staged rollout process, and you should get it momentarily. Enjoy!

SOURCE: Play Store