Google has rolled out the latest update for Play Music. This update doesn’t have a long and involved changelog, however users will be getting one key new feature — the ability to start radio stations based on personal playlists. For this, you’ll notice the app goes from 5.4.1409N to 5.4.1413N.

To get going, just tap the three-dot icon on a playlist and looks for the “Start Radio” option. Bottom line here, one new addition and a slight bump in the version number. If you already have Google Play Music installed, fire up the Play Store on your device and visit the ‘My apps’ section to grab the update. Otherwise, Google Play Music can be found using this Play Store link.

While it is always nicer to see app update landing with a seemingly endless changelog, we can appreciate the regular updates Google seems to be pushing for Play Music. Looking back to the previous update, that one added the ability to pin radio stations for offline use. A feature likely welcomed by those with limited data plans, and also by those who regularly commute through areas with spotty cellular coverage.

And then back in December we saw the update that added the ability to store your music on an SD card. Again, a welcomed feature. We look forward to seeing what Google has coming for Play Music in the future, and if we could suggest, (despite this not being a mobile specific feature request), we would love to see some Sonos integration. Specifics for those earlier updates can be found in the Story Timeline sitting below.