Google has started rolling out an update to its Android music app that contains quite the loot bag of improvements and new features. Highlighted in this release is a way to manage your devices directly from the app itself as well as caching radio stations for offline listening.

Google’s Play Music service lets you keep your music on the cloud and sync between devices. However, it is limited to 10 devices, a number which some users might never reach in a few years. Still, when the need arises for users to take off a few from that list, they were previously forced to do so via the web interface. Not anymore, as they can now directly do so straight from the app itself via the My Devices settings. Not an earth-shattering change but is a welcome convenience nonetheless.

Users will now have the option to kepp a radio station on the device, for playing later even without an Internet connection. This new option can be found in a radio’s context menu but isn’t available for the I’m feeling lucky station. At the moment, the exact extent and limits of this offline caching is still unknown.

There is also a wide variety of other changes that can be found in this release. These range from bug fixes to new options like refreshing music from Google Play or the ability to queue a song or album without interrupting the current playlist via a Play next option. Other are just interface embellishments, like a floating Playing From information bar and a new location for the Cast button. The Google Play Music update should be going out users but, as always the case with staggered rollouts, it will take some time to hit everyone everywhere.

VIA: Android Police