The latest update for the Google Play Music app has arrived in the Play Store. This particular update brings the app to v5.5.15110, but perhaps key here are the changes that come along with the new version number. This time around the update touches on recommendations, playlist sharing, thumbs up sorting and more.

The recommendations aspect deals with the Listen Now mode. Simply put, Google mentioned how they improved the recommendations on Listen Now with the “ability to dismiss items.” Play Music users will also be able to share playlists directly from the app, and pin subscribed playlists.

There was also a change with the thumbs up sorting. Once the update has been installed you’ll notice the thumbs ups will be sorted by recency. And to clarify here, this is in the Thumbs Up playlist. Otherwise, there were also some unspecified bug fixes and “Radio improvements.” The bug fixes apply to all users and the Radio improvements apply to All Access users.

The Google Play Music app can be downloaded from the Play Store. Of course, those with the app already installed may find it quicker to grab the update using the My Apps section (in the Play Store) on their device.