Google is rolling out the latest Play Music app update. This latest update is hitting the Play Store at this time and will have the app going up to version 5.2.1233L. The changelog for the update is on the shorter side, however Google has added what we think will be a welcomed feature.

The log notes the addition of an “I’m Feeling Lucky” option which deals with the radio play. Basically, those launching the Play Music app will now be presented with an option to choose “I’m Feeling Lucky Radio” which will create a radio station based on your personal listening history. We have yet to fully test this, however we can say it makes things rather simple in terms of getting started.

Otherwise, the other item arriving with this update should make it a bit easier to find things you have kept on your handset. This is a pin icon. When looking at an album you can tap the three-dot menu to use the “keep on device” option. That does the same, however after selected you will now have a little pin icon added. You will see that pin icon towards the right side of the “recently added to my library” text.

While this update has only added two new items, they both seem like they should improve the overall Play Music experience. Aside from this update, Google has also recently made Play Music and All Access available for those in Mexico. Of course, while that was good, it really only highlighted the fact those in Canada were left waiting. And on a positive note, we haven’t been hearing any further complaints in regards to playback.

SOURCE: Google Play Store



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