We’ve known for a while now that we’ll have to say goodbye to Google Play Music ever since Google has been pushing us to subscribe to YouTube Music instead. It looks like the day is finally upon us when the shutdown has officially started, at least for some users. Some are already seeing the “Google Play Music is no longer available” both on the app itself and on the website as well. So if you haven’t transferred your music and your other files from the app, now is the time to do so.

Last week, we saw the Google Play page of the app displaying the notice that it’s no longer available. But this time around, it’s both the app and the website are telling you that you’ll no longer be able to play your music through them. Instead, the app will prompt you to transfer to the YouTube Music app. The website will also tell you to transfer your music to Google’s new music streaming app but also prompt you to manage your music.

Basically, the latter tells you that if you want to still keep the music you purchased through Google Play Music or the music you uploaded to the app, you should “download it soon”. If you don’t want to transfer to YouTube Music, you can download your music library. You also have the option to delete your recommendations history or to just delete your music library if you want to start from scratch.

Once the Google Play Music shutdown is complete, all your data that you have not downloaded or backed up will automatically be deleted. Even though you can’t do offline listening on the app anymore, for some reason your previously downloaded music will still be in the app unless you uninstall it already or you clear the cache and data to free up that space. Google really hopes you hop on over to YouTube Music if you want to keep your music streaming with the Google family.

The notice is not showing up for everyone just yet but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t already start moving your files. We’ll probably know more in the next few weeks as Google prepares to finish this shutdown.