Gone are the days when we would carefully create and curate our own playlists, kind of what the, ahem, oldies did with their mixtapes and what nots. Nowadays, with so much trying to claim our attention, we’d rather the music services we’re subscribed to do it for us. If what you use is Google Play Music, or if you’re planning to switch to it sometime soon, you’ll be happy to know that they’re relaunching the app, bringing you a service that will seem to know you more and also letting you listen to music offline in case you lose your connection.

Since Google relies on machine learning for a lot of its apps, why not with its music streaming service? Yes, previously, it has done a pretty good job of finding out what you liked based on what you listen to, but now it even adds more information like where you are, what activity you’re doing, what time of the day it is, and even the weather at your location. It will create playlists for you based on all those things using contextual tools, like for when you’re going to the gym or just relaxing at home or going through a hectic day at the office.

In case you lose connection when you’re commuting or running or hiking or wherever it is you’re going, you will still have some tunes left for you, offline. This playlist will be based on what you’ve recently listened to, and while this means you’ll probably repeat some of the tunes you were listening to earlier, at least you still have music. Well, as long as you still have some power on your smartphone left.

The home screen has also been overhauled, and the playlists you will find there are all based on what it has learned about you. The update is already rolling out to users, so don’t forget to check your Google Play Music page to see if it’s ready for you.

SOURCE: Google