Google Play Music

Google Play Music is now accessible in Uruguay and Brazil. The two have been added to the long list of countries getting the service. This means audiophiles who live in the south of Equator can now back up their music album to Google’s servers and access them from any mobile device or web browser.

Google Play Music All Access is available but there are still some issues being encountered in Brazil. According to some reports, only select Samsung devices like the Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S5 can are given access to Google Play. Other Samsung models will receive the same privilege come November 1. As for other models from other device manufacturers, Google Play will be accessible before 2014 ends.

Google Play Music All Access

More good news for Samsung device owners, authenticate Google Play Music using your phone or tablet and you can also pull up music through a browser on any non-Samsung gadget.

Brazilians who don’t own Samsung devices will have to wait some more before Google Play Music can be fully accessed. It’s either you wait for a few more months or get yourself a new phone, phablet, or tablet from Samsung. Both Google and Samsung are really teasing the people to upgrade their devices fast. Tempting but no thanks…not yet.

Here are some features of the Google Play Music All Access:

  • unlimited access to music for only $9.99 per month
  • search, play, save, and share your favorite songs on Android and the web
  •  stream tracks available in Google Play
  • play songs form your existing music library
  • ads-free unlimited listening to millions of songs
  • personalized radio from any song or artist
  • smart recommendations of albums and artists based on your listening history

SOURCE: Google
VIA: Android Police