Google Play Music

We’ve got another reason to love Google as Google Play Music now allows saving of up to 50,000 tracks online to be accessed anytime and anywhere. Uploading music files to Play Music has always been possible but there was a 20,000 song limit. The company has recently doubled storage space up to 50K. The new song upload limit makes audiophiles like me very happy. No need to pay for extra storage because Google is offering this for free. How generous of Google!

What’s better is that the storage space doesn’t count against your Gmail or Google Drive storage capacity. I’m not sure how many GB is 50,000 songs but that’s a big music library already. I can actually forget about getting a new hard drive because cloud storage is getting better and bigger than ever. With this development, you may never have to turn off that audio device that’s been streaming all the songs you have in storage.

The service is free. You don’t even have to sign up for Play Music All Access because a basic Gmail account is all you need. Take advantage of this by uploading all those songs you’ve been keeping in your hard drive for the past decade or so…you know, especially those MP3s that took you hours to download over Napster or Kazaa.

50000 upload limit on google play music

To enjoy Google Play Music, simply sign in with your Google account, upload up to a maximum of 50,000 audio tracks, and then start streaming from the cloud library to your music streaming-capable devices anytime.

SOURCE: Official Android Blog