The problem sometimes with having music streaming services is that you get to just listen to the songs that you really like or those that you’re familiar with. But of course, as with all things, you need to discover something new. And services like Spotify, Pandora, etc are good for that too. If you’re a Google Play Music kind of person, then the good news is that they’re getting good at that too with their newest feature, the New Release Radio.

From the name itself, you will be getting the newest music from this radio station. But more than just what are the new releases from the most famous artists, you actually get one that’s tailored to your musical tastes. So if you’re not into hip hop or rock, you won’t get any of the songs from that genre (well, unless you want to start getting into that genre as well)

The New Release Radio actually uses machine learning to customize the radio station for you based on what you’ve been listening to in the past on Google Play Music. They also gathered feedback from Samsung users through their global partnership with the Korean OEM who were part of the early access program. They’ve been able to fine tune the feature through the initial response.

You will be able to access New Release Radio from the Google Play Music app. It is available both for free listeners and also subscribers to the music streaming service.

SOURCE: Google