Google has rolled out the latest update for Play Movies and TV. This particular update deals with the Chrome side, specifically for Chromebooks. We are referring to the Google Play Movies & TV Chrome app (extension) which now supports offline playback.

Bottom line here, this means you’ll now be able to download your movie (or television show) from the Play Store in advance for times when you know you will be outside the reach of WiFi. Or alternatively, for times when you know you will be in a place with a spotty or congested connection such as on an airplane. The updated Chrome app (extension) can be found in the Chrome Web Store.


The offline support will work with videos that are purchased or rented. And from that point it is simply a matter of clicking the button to download. This is a nice update, and puts the Chromebook back in line with other devices as Play Movies & TV had already been allowing Android users to download in advance.

Aside from the offline playback support, this latest app (extension) update added a few other goodies. Google mentioned how this update brought Info Cards and an improved Chromecast and local playback experience to those watching movies through the Chrome browser.

SOURCE: +GooglePlay


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