If you have a 4K TV or a high-end smartphone with a suitable display, then streaming 4K HDR videos is probably one of the things you would want to do (because why not?). But while this is slowly gaining traction, not a lot of services and devices have support for this kind of content. If you buy or rent your videos from Google Play Movies, the good news is that you now have the option to stream in 4K HDR, if you have the appropriate devices.

However, not all movies are of course available with both. You can easily find out though which ones are by searching for HDR. Some of the movies available “Kong: Skull Island,” “The LEGO Batman Movie,” “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” “The Amazing Spider-man 2,” and more. Probably the upcoming new releases will also be in HDR, as the format becomes more popular and in-demand, and as Ultra HD and HDR become more common to a lot of high-end devices.

While you can stream this content to a tablet or smartphone via Android TV or Chromecast, your streaming device also has to support the format as well. The usual Chromecast actually doesn’t so you’ll have to get a Chromecast Ultra to be able to do this. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also one of the devices that has support for HDR so if you have it, try and watch a video from Google Play Movies here.

However which way you stream it, the important thing is that the option for Google Play Movies is there now. Competitors like Amazon and Netflix offer HDR content as well, so it’s nice that they’re catching up as well.

VIA: SlashGear