Google has just issued another quick update for one of their many content options available to Android users, and that is Google Play Magazines. Today Google’s updated their Magazines app with tons of performance fixes, and support for Australia. Google’s Play Store services and content is slowly but surely being released to the world.

While the roll-out is slow and many countries still don’t get to enjoy the many features of Google Play Store. Including books, magazines, music, and movies, today Australia is getting a little bit of love. We’ve slowly seen Google Play Books get added to multiple countries, and now it’s time Magazines gets the same.

The update also appears to be fixing multiple performance issues too. Google states that the update will bring “significant” performance increases for all Android devices — both smartphones and tablets. Mainly referring to page flipping, and the rendering of high content pages throughout the magazine experience.

Google has recently promised to continue their attempts to bring their wide array of services and content to more users worldwide, but the progress is slow. Things like Books and Magazines should be too difficult. It’s Music and Movies that will take the longest due to several legal and piracy issues. If you’re a reader down under you’ll want to check for the Magazines app in the Google Play Store.