Google has recently added a new subscription option for Play Magazines. And nicely done, this is an update that those with print subscriptions should be happy to see arrive. In short, a ‘free for print subscribers’ option is now available in the Magazines section of the Google Play Store.

This of course comes with the catch that not all magazines have this option available. This will vary over time but for now includes (but is not limited to) Conde Nast magazines such as Wired and GQ as well as others such as People. If you happen to be a print subscriber to a magazine that also has a digital version, you may want to fire up Google Play and subscribe.

In order to subscribe you will need to pull up the listing for the magazine, click the Subscribe button and then pick the ‘Free for print subscribers’ option (the last of the three available). This should say free for the price. From this point, click Continue and then begin to verify your account. For example, in the case of Wired (Conde Nast) you will need to enter your email address and password.

That all being taken care of, you will now have one additional way of reading new issues. And for those who still prefer the print copies as opposed to digital, you may want to subscribe anyway — because you never know when you may be in a situation where you have your phone (or tablet) and some downtime.

[via Android Police]