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The Android development team is doing everything in its power to improve different areas of the app development and mobile business. There are plenty of helpful products and services available. For the developers, they are provided a more sustainable system for app development and even monetization. Google works with numerous companies and brands to help them in their business. The goal has always been to turn ideas into reality no matter how challenging. The Android devs provide a number of things like marketing tools, education, actionable data, and resources.

Google provides leadership resources and shares best practices. It presents actionable data in the Play Console. It also offers education via the Play Academy. Google also launches different events like Indie Corner, accelerator programs, and Indie Games Festival.

Google Play collects a service fee but the tech giant is happy to announce that beginning July 1, 2021, the fee will be reduced. The fee Google Play gets when an app developer sells digital services or goods is now down to 15%, at least, for the first $1 million of revenue of each developer for a year. That may translate to about a 50% reduction in fees for most of the developers around the world–99% of them.

Google Play Store Reduced Fees

With the lower fees, developers can have more money. The more money, the more they can use for development or getting more people to work on the app and the business side. Believe it or not, there are app developers and companies earning millions per year. The reduced fees can definitely benefit more devs even when revenue is smaller.

This move will help developers around the world not only to make more money but to advance their apps further. Google wants more Android developers to succeed. This change will hopefully help more partners achieve their goals.


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