Google Play Store Teacher Approved

A lot of parents may be going crazy these days because they’re on lockdown with their kids. It’s not that bad but it can be really challenging. Good thing though there are gadgets and programs that can help entertain the children. Schools have been canceled in most parts of the globe but some have offered online classes or distance learning. In light of the situation, companies have been making adjustments to their products and services. For families, it is important that things being presented to the kids are safe and age-appropriate.

The easiest way to entertain the kids is to give them their gadgets. We won’t judge if the children stay glued on the screen for more than an hour but parents, be reminded of your responsibilities in guiding them. With this in mind, Google wants to help by introducing the Teacher Approved program.

This new program allows the whole family to find safe content on the Google Play Store. The idea is that teacher-approved apps will be presented to the children. When you see a Teacher Approved note, you know the app or game is safe.

A safe Google Play for the children has always been one of the major goals of the tech giant. It’s not easy to achieve but it’s possible. Entertaining children can be done by giving them phones and tablets and allowing them to stay in front of the computer but there is the challenge of finding content that is safe.

The Teacher Approved program will include rating apps for the children. Teachers will do the rating based on a framework provided by experts. Design quality, appeal to children enrichment potential, ads & in-app purchases, and age appropriateness will be considered.

These Teacher-approved apps will then show the new “Teacher approved” badge and display information about what the teachers actually found valuable on the details page. Such apps can then appear in the new Kids section on Google Play. There is also a possibility of being featured in banners or collections on the Play Store.

Don’t be surprised if you no longer see the Family star badge. The Google Play Store will also put an end to the Family section. The old apps will still be present.

The Designed for Families program has certain requirements that must be met or followed. They are then added to the teacher review queue. Google is then taking advantage of Google Play’s Academy for App Success.