Google is serious about making mobile experience lighter and faster for everyone. We remember one Google Play Store update adding Android Instant Apps and now here is a new and faster way to try apps and games: Google Play Instant. Numbers of mobile consumers playing games have doubled so there is a need to make things easier. The Android team has recently redesigned the Google Play Games app. You will notice in the Arcade tab, game video trailers are there. You will also see tags like ‘New’ and ‘Action’ to find new games you can play. Also added are related videos on YouTube you can watch that will help you play the game. You can be a master as you learn to enhance your skills.

Google Play Instant makes things easier by letting you try a game without downloading. All you need to do is search on Google Play and then tap the game. It will launch immediately so you can quickly try the game. You may check out the Instant Gameplay collection inside the Google Play Games app and the Google Play Store. Not many games are playable now but we’re expecting more will be added.

This change makes it more convenient for anyone who wants to try a new game and yet aren’t sure yet if it deserves space on your smartphone.

SOURCE: Google, Android Developers Blog