Move over iTunes, Google Play is getting gift cards too. Late last night Google started rolling out their new Google Play Store to smartphones and tablets everywhere, and users quickly noticed that hiding beneath the pretty user interface was proof that we will soon have gift cards and even wishlist options in the Play Store. This is something iTunes has had for years, and I’ve been dying to see on Android.

Well good news folks. Gift cards are actually coming to Android, and soon. As you can see above they’ve already been spotted out in the wild, and some pictures from an unknown source were found by Android Central. Now I don’t want to keep comparing to iTunes but lets face it, that’s the competition. They’ve been selling these cards for years in Walmart, Best Buy, Gas stations, convenient stores and more. What we see above is the exact same thing individually wrapped. Get ready for Christmas wishlists to include a few Play Store gift cards.

After the folks from Android Police broke down the new Google Play Store app they found a few gems hiding inside. What you see above is proof that the Play Store has the capability for gift cards and wishlists, only Google’s yet to activate it. We aren’t fully sure what they have planned yet, or what exactly “wishlists” will be good for. Maybe you’ll have to redeem gift cards on your wishlist, or they might even allow people to fill that wishlist. Imagine a kids wishlist of games and apps being filled on Christmas morning, that should bring a few smiles to faces.

So, gift cards are coming. Sooner rather than later although we don’t have too many details. I’m betting this will sadly be in the US only at first, but who knows. Get ready to buy some music, movies, books, apps and more from Google Play. Who’s excited?

[via SlashGear]