All the details regarding Google Play Games, the new home for gamers and Android’s response to iOS Game Center, has been revealed this weekend just days before Google I/O. Back in April some details found inside the Google My Glass APK hinted at a gaming center, but today we know all the juicy details. Android will finally be getting universal cloud-based game saves, and much, much more.

A new version of the Google Play Store and Google Services was leaked and tore apart by the folks over at Android Police, and it reveals all sorts of details that you’ll be happy to hear. Whether your a casual Angry Birds and Temple Run gamer, or get down with all the Shadowgun multiplayer games and more you’ll want to read below to see what Google Play Games will be all about.

Android will be getting a new ‘Play Games’ section in the Play Store, and with it brings an entirely new platform and option for gaming. An area of potential that Google’s been missing out on for some time. With the OUYA game-console, the Gamestick, and tons of others things are finally about to get serious. Apple’s Game Center is decent, but we have a feeling Google will be on-upping Apple, that’s for sure.

The leak reveals cloud-based game saves, that will sync across any and all devices. Never have to restart or lose your progress again, ever. There will be leaderboards and scoreboards for tracking progress, true multiplayer gaming, matchmaking, player invites, achievements and goals, and more. Most are excited about the cloud-based saves, but all of this is exciting. This will all be officially revealed at Google I/O on Wednesday, and of course we’ll report all the official details when that happens.

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According to Ron the only part of the application that actually works is being able to switch accounts, since you can have multiple accounts, then the option to enable and control notifications. All which by the way are ran through Google+ of course. For now not all the pieces are in place, but Google probably just needs to flip a switch. This will undoubtedly be revealed next week, but we’re not sure if it will launch at Google I/O, or come later down the road in the coming weeks or months. Stay tuned!

SOURCE: Android Police