Google Play for Education has recently made some changes in terms of user accounts on tablets. Gone are the days of 1:1 (device: student) support as each tablet can now be shared amongst five students. More specifically here, Google Play for Education tablets can now handle five separate user accounts.

The setup process will remain the same and administrators will be able to “bump” them for setup. The difference will be in choosing how many user accounts you will want active. Again, you can have up to five per device. The student will then complete the setup process by signing in and creating a personal PIN code to access their individual account on the tablet.

Once the setup process has been completed it is just a matter of having the student select their account and enter their personal PIN. Teachers will be able to send apps, books and videos to any (or all) of the accounts on a specific device. The students will still also be able to collaborate on group projects using Docs and Drive as well as the other Google apps.

While more devices in more students have would likely be the ideal situation, having these (up to five) users accounts per device does provide some real benefit. After all, this means five students are now able to share a tablet with each still getting a personalized experience. For now, Google Play for Education remains available only for those in the US.

SOURCE: Official Enterprise Blog