If you have several family members that like using Google products, specifically Google Play Music, then chances are you’d want to have many subscriptions but having one for each member may be too expensive. That’s why the Google Play Music family plan is a pretty good deal but it’s not yet available everywhere. The good news is that nine more countries can now avail of this program for the members of their household, as well as access to the Google Play family library (well, at least some of it).

The 9 countries that can now avail of the Google Play Music family plan are: Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, and Ukraine. If you’re living in any of these countries, you can avail of the plan at $14.99 per month and gives access to 6 family members. Each member can keep their individual accounts and preferences, so no getting confused as to who’s listening to Bach and the Backstreet Boys and Phoenix.

All six members of the family plan will also now be able to access the Google Play family library. This means all your eligible purchases on Google Play, like books, movies, TV shows, games, apps can be shared amongst the members of the family plan. There are some caveats of course, like you can only access services available in your country. And also some services aren’t available for sharing, like Newsstand, in-app purchases, song and album purchases on Play Music.

Hopefully, the Google Play Music Family plan will expand to even more countries later on. No news yet as to what the next regions will be but as always, we’ll bring you good tidings once there are more added to this list.

VIA: Android Police