Today those folks from Google have issued a quick update to their increasingly popular Google Play Books application for Android. The update added a few new features, fixed a truckload of bugs it apparently had, and even added support for India to now enjoy a good read. Apparently Books had some issues, because Google promises to have fixed tons of them.

I haven’t had too many problems with Google Play Books while reading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk lately, but according to good ol Google the application had more than a few bugs they’ve now ironed out. Today’s update states that “over 90 issues, including crashes” have been fixed. So users should be having zero issues and much improved stability.

Then at the same time our friends in India will now be able to take part in the Google reading experience, as the app is now live for them. Google’s also added some exclusive content for the region. On the other side of that, we’re hearing multiple credit cards in India aren’t supported by the Play Store so some might not be able to make those purchases.

Lastly Google’s added a few user interface enhancements and tweaks for all you book and magazine readers. They’ve implemented multiple new UI features including an added drop-down menu in the library to filter books by type, as well as identifying place names when the reading controls option is enabled. Now would be a good time to try Google Books so get it now from the via below.

[via Play Store]