Google and DC Entertainment have just taken their partnership to a whole new level. Avid DC fans will probably be tickled pink to know that they can now catch up on their favorite titles and characters on Google Play Books on a monthly or even weekly basis.

This is, of course, not the first time Google Play Books has offered DC’s collection. In 2013, Google’s digital library started to sell DC titles but mostly in collected volume or novel formats. Now monthly and weekly releases will also be available for purchase on Google Play Books.

Google’s store is certainly not the only game in town. DC has long been using other channels to course its digital products to mobile devices. In particular, DC has had a long standing partnership with Comixology and has its titles available from the DC-branded app as well as the all-in-one Comixology app itself. This news, then, perhaps makes more sense to those who rely heavily on Google Play for their digital reading or those who haven’t yet invested heavily on Comixology and friends.

Before you jump for joy, however, there is one tiny detail that might douse your excitement, if you’re not living in the US. The single issue periodicals isn’t available in all territories covered by Google Play Books, at least not yet. Currently, it has only been announced for the US but DC promises that additional markets will follow but, as expected, doesn’t give any clue when.

SOURCE: Google Play Books, DC Entertainment