Google has just pushed out an update to its Google Play Books app that brings in a couple of improvements and new features. In particular, it has now added support for uploading books to Google Play directly from the device itself.

The performance of Google Play Books has been improved in this release. The changelogs claim that books will now open faster and smoother. It also tries to improve the reading experience by setting a lower floor limit for brightness settings and offering support for landscape mode, which would be a good fit for larger tablets. Performance and stability have also been improved across the board.

One particular new feature that might interest Play Books users is the new upload support. In the past, you can only upload your own books stored on your computers via the the Google Play Books web interface. Now users will be able to do so straight from their device. Simply tap on the file from an email or from downloads and you will be offered an option to upload to Play Books, which will make the book available across all your Android devices. Supported file types are, however, still limited to EPUB and PDF.

The new version of the Google Play Books app is now up on Google Play Store. As always, it will take some time for the update to arrive on all regions, so don’t panic if you still don’t have the new upload feature.

Download: Google Play Books on Google Play Store