Android fans who live in the United States have had access to the wide variety of content on Google Play for a long time. That content includes movies, music, magazines, and books. However, Android users in Mexico and some other locations haven’t had access to the full gamut of content that we take for granted here in the US.

That has changed for Mexican Android users starting this week with access to Google Play Books becoming available in Mexico. Mexican Android fans have access to apps and ebooks now. Books are available in local currency and local titles are available as well.

Google says that Mexican publishing firms that are offering digital books via Google Play Books in Mexico include Random House Mondadori and Planeta. Shoppers can also buy best-selling novels from other countries as well. As with the Google Play store in other countries, Mexican buyers will be able to access their new digital content on multiple devices.

Readers can buy a book using their Android smartphone and read it on their tablet or computer. Earlier this month reports began circulating that Google is working on a Play News feature that would reportedly offer newspapers and subscriptions the method similar to how it offers magazines right now. That service has not been officially confirmed.

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