Google Play Books is adding a new way to discover new materials to read. ‘Discover’ is a new feature that allows an avid digital reader-slash-booklover to browse new titles by simply checking out the latest videos, lists, news, and reviews. Millions of people across 75 countries on both mobile platforms (Android and iOS) can benefit from this update that is said to improve reading experience every time.

This feature simply helps one to discover new books and anything related to them as much as possible. You can know if a particular book will be made or are being made into a movie. It’s not just an added basic feature to Google Play Books as it becomes “smarter” and more personalized based on your previous reads and downloads. The idea is that Discover can help identify the books available whenever you are watching a video or reading another article.

Another special feature is ‘Weekly Highlights’ that shows a summary of top stories each week. This way, you can see the latest in one quick glance so you are always updated. There’s also the Google Play Editorial that features popular authors and books at the moment. It’s where you can read other articles, author interviews, book selections, and essays.

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SOURCE: Official Android Blog