Summer doesn’t just mean beaches, road trips, and outdoor barbecues. It’s also when people sometimes take out a book or an ebook reader or share their favorite summer reads. Google Play Books is now adding some new and much-requested features so it will be easier for you to organize your vacation reading list and discover new ones that you may want to add to the growing TBR list. This includes customizing your bookshelves, using filters to find your next read, and finding deals on books you want to purchase.

Google Play Books says that one of the top requested features is the ability to create customizable digital bookshelves. You can now create themed collections like “Vacation Reading List” or “Books To Recommend” and organize and sort your ebooks and audiobooks that you have in your library. You can also create an “All-time favorites” shelf so that all the books that you want to return to every once in a while are within easy reach. You can find the Shelves in between Your books and Series in the Library tab.

You also get to browse titles more easily now using several new filters that are specific to your reading needs. You can use filters like language, price range, and even price drop if you want to see discounted books. You can find the filters when you search and it’s alongside other filters like format, rating, age, etc. Even though this is of course from the search giant, searching for books on the platform can sometimes be a pain.

Lastly, if you’re waiting for the book you’ve been eyeing to go on sale, all you have to do is sample the book or add it to your wishlist. When the price drops in the future, you’ll get an email from Google Play Books. Well of course you need to opt in to the marketing emails from Google Play. And if you’ve been around the platform long enough, you know that ebooks sometimes go on sale randomly so best be updated.

You can update your Google Play Books app to the latest version to enjoy these new features. Happy Summer/Vacation reading!


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