It’s Wednesday, so that means one of our Google products will probably be changing, hopefully for the better. Today, it’s the turn of Google Play Books, and while the update to Version 3.4.5 doesn’t seem much on paper, they are still very much welcome, especially if you’re a frequent or heavy user of the app. There are slight changes to the translation interface, a change in the default font, and a hint of a useful feature that will hopefully come in the future.

You may not immediately notice the changes, but believe us, they’re there. First off, the translation interface is now in the form of cards, as a lot of Google features have been using this format for a while now. Previously, this was in a toolbar and sheet overlay, but now it has been turned into cards, just like the notes and dictionary formats. The default font has also changed, although if you don’t have a keen eye, you wouldn’t notice outright. Previously, it was just the Droid Serif, or just plain Serif, but now, it’s Literata. This is a font that Google has commissioned from Type Together, that is why you won’t be able to find the font in the usual places.



The previous update, 3.3, brought the ability to create notes on the books in your library, but only if you bought it already. But now, you can already make notes, even if it’s just a sample chapter. The APK also shows that in the near future, you will be able to sync your notes to Google Drive, but for now, that option is still not available.

The update should arrive at your app anytime now. But you can also get the APK and sideload it into your smartphone or tablet, if you can’t wait for it to get to your Google Play Books.

VIA: Android Police