Our good friends at Google have been hard at work bringing many of their music, books, and movies options to multiple parts of the world and today they’ve added one more. Overnight Google rolled out their Play Store Books and Movies to Brazil, and let everyone know with a quick post to Google+. Sadly Brazil is still waiting for Google Music, but this is the first step to bringing them more of Google’s services.

The Google Movies and Google Books tags were added to the Brazilian Google Play Store late last night, and users can enjoy brand new titles like The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, and even classic Brazil titles like Diálogos Impossíveis. It’s not quite all that Google has to offer but this is certainly a good start.

This week Amazon also started offering their books and movies to Brazil, so this seems like perfect timing for Google to add them to the officially supported list and get in on the action. Google’s been adding hundreds of movies and TV shows by the month, and their book selection is growing by the day. Hopefully next in line is Google Play Music, but we have a feeling that might take a bit longer. Music requires a lot of negotiations so that might be a slow process.

Now that these options are live for Brazilian users you can buy books, as well as rent and buy Google Play Movies right from your favorite Android smartphones or tablets using local currency and more. Movie rentals range from R$3.90 and increase from there, but so far we aren’t seeing too large of a Brazilian selection. Stay tuned for more details as Google improves their library of goods.