Most bookworms would agree that at the end of a long day, when you’re knackered after work or school, one of the best things to do is to lie on your bed and curl up with a good book, whether it’s a physical one or an ebook. But studies have shown that looking at a bright screen before you go to sleep will actually not help you sleep and may be bad for your eyes. Google Play Books now has a Night Light option to help you solve this problem or at least try to.

The Night Light feature for Google’s online bookstore and book reader in one allows the app to filter the blue light from your screen and gradually replaces it with a warm, amber light the darker the natural light around you gets. It actually recognizes both natural light and the time of day and then gives you the right temperature and brightness that will not damage your eyes and make you more comfortable while reading in bed.

Of course you need to update your Google Play Books app to the latest version in order for your device, whether a smartphone or tablet, to have the Night Light feature. Open any book and you’ll be able to turn on the option through a pop-up notification in the app. After that, it will already adjust automatically to the setting that your eyes need.

The update should be rolling out to all Google Play Books users by now. If it hasn’t reached you yet, then be patient a little while longer with reading through normal lighting.

SOURCE: Google