In case we were still wondering what Google has planned for its two sort-of competing music services, Google Play Music and YouTube Music, well we might finally have our answer. The tech giant sent an email to artists that signed up for the Google Play Artist Hub that they will be shutting down the service by the end of the month. While they haven’t officially announced anything, this may mean the beginning of the end for Google Play Music.

If you’re not familiar with the Google Play Artist Hub, it’s where unsigned and new artists can upload their music to sell on the Google Play Music service. Those who are signed with a label that plies its trade on the music streaming and selling service don’t need to use this but you are an up and coming musician, this was the way to get into Play Music. You could monitor your sales, track your metrics, etc.

But now Google has sent an email to artists using the service saying that they are shutting down the hub by April 30, 2019. Even more interesting, the email states that they “eventually plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music”, the latter of which they just launched last year. So there you have it, confirmation that we’ll soon be saying goodbye to Google Play Music. Hopefully, they will be able to migrate all the features we know and love to YouTube Music before they officially shut it down.

By April 30, the music uploaded to the Artist Hub will no longer be on Google Play Music and Google Play Store as well. They also won’t be able to upload any more new music of course. Final reports and payments will be sent to the respective artists by May 31. By July 31, these reports will no longer be on the Artist Hub as well. So whatever you need to do to backup everything, you should start now.

Google is also encouraging the artists to become YouTube Artists. While they don’t have anything like the Artist Hub just yet, they say that artists can partner with six different companies to get their music on the service. Hopefully, we get more information soon not just about this but also how they will be going about Google Play Music’s eventual end.

VIA: SlashGear