Google Play as a whole ecosystem can be complicated but thousands of developers depend on it for their apps. It’s not just about making a game or an app and slapping a premium price and then promoting them. A dev must think of ways on how to monetize. It’s part of the business model that can be taken advantage of. A developer can also offer special rewards to users for further monetization by simply watching a video. The reward usually starts with in-game currency that mobile users or players can use in the future.

Google Play has recently announced ‘rewarded products’ which is actually just a new product type. You can see it in the Play Console but is still in beta. This can help in monetization because the developers can increase their audience or user base. It’s not only about getting more followers or downloaders. It’s also about helping other brands to advertise.

What will be required of the users is simple: watch a video ad until the end. You will be rewarded for it whether in in-game currency or virtual goods. When you see a “watch ad” warning, don’t skip. Just go along with it and later, you will get 100 coins.

This setup can be applied to any app or game with the Google Play Billing Library or AIDL interface. It’s easy to implement even without the SDK integration.

For this purpose, Google has tapped AdMob technology to provide access to content from different advertisers. These advertisers currently work with Google so they are legit.

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SOURCE: Android Developers Blog