Google Play safety section details 2

Google Play is getting a new safety section. Google has just announced a number of new things about the service. It’s all about safety and security online as the tech giant has improved on the design and function especially on the safety section. The new section is meant for developers who may want to ensure the users that their apps are safe, private, and secure. There are good practices that help in this area. One is explaining what data an app can possibly collect and why it will be collected.

The new safety section will soon require apps to share information for the users. It’s a change that must be followed for the benefit of the whole Android community. The new feature will need information about data type definitions, policy requirements, and user journey.

Once implemented, you can soon see a new summary in the listing page within the Google Play Store. You should see there details on what data are collected. Security practices should be listed there together with an indication that the app follows the Families policy and that it has been validated against a global security standard independently.

It’s all about sharing data and information but what’s more important is that users are aware. These policy changes are present to support the safety section. They offer more user transparency. They can also help people make informed decisions once they know how their data are collected, used, and protected.

Every developer are required to make a privacy policy. All apps published on Google Play must prepare one. Devs must submit related information in the Google Play Console beginning October. This will then be available for everyone by Q1 2022 as part of the new safety section.

Google will need to review and assess the apps and policies. Developers only have until April 2022 to work on the safety section and have them approved.