Developers planning on building applications to run on the Google Glass Explorer Edition headsets will face some rather strict limitations from Google. The limitations placed on the Glass developers are very strict when you consider how open Android is as a platform is on its own. Google is reserving the right to remotely strip out functionality from apps designed to run on the headset.

The Terms of Sale that come with the glasses, which began shipping to developers this week, puts very specific limits on who is allowed to use the headset. Google also notes that it can update the Glass Explorer Edition glasses to remove features it decides are dangerous or doesn’t reflect how it thinks wearable computing should evolve.

The restrictions placed on the Explorer Edition glasses also say that developers can only purchase one device. Google also says that the developers can’t resell, loan, transfer, or get the device to anyone else. If the developer sells, loans, or gives the device to anyone else, Google has the right to deactivate the glasses remotely.

Google goes so far as to say that if the glasses are deactivated no refunds, product support, or warranty will be given. It sounds like a lot of the strict limitations are intended to prevent any developer who may have eyes on making a big profit from selling the device on eBay or renting them out. There are some questions remaining such as if the device was published by a dev company it’s unclear whether or not multiple members among the group can share the glasses.

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