Google Pixel Watch Concept

Google has recently announced the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The latest phone series is getting positive reviews with a few reports of issues and problems. The tech giant has a lot of new things in store for the mobile consumers including a smartwatch. Called this early as the Pixel Watch, the wearable device may be revealed soon. It’s been confirmed already, at least, by some employees. Within Google, the product is codenamed ‘Rohan’ and is expected to be released in 2022 to possibly compete with the Apple Watch.

Not that Google hasn’t been around in the wearable tech space. It’s been there but the company has yet to launch its very own smartwatch. The Pixel Watch will be the first official offering.

The Google Pixel Watch will definitely use Wear OS. We’re assuming it will be the version that integrates Tizen. Design-wise, the Pixel Watch is said to be round. There won’t be any physical bezel. YouTuber Jon Prosser created an image render. See below.

Google Pixel Watch Image Render

The Pixel Watch or Android Watch may probably use some technologies and features by Fitbit. The latter was recently acquired by Google so we won’t be surprised if there will be similarities especially when it comes to health and fitness tracking features.

So far, we heard the Pixel Watch will come with a step counter, heart rate monitor, and other health tracking features. Watchbands may be changed. We’re not sure if there will be wireless charging but charging is describe to be slow this early according to an employee.

A Pixel Watch with Wear OS by Google will be another interesting entry to the wearable market. We’re crossing our fingers it won’t have any problem like most Pixel phones in the past. This will be the first Google-branded smartwatch so Google better make this one worth the wait.


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