We have to be honest. A lot of the smartphones out there basically look almost the same. If it wasn’t for some tiny features and a logo, we might get a bit confused when it comes to identifying what brand and what model a phone is. Mobile users have to find another way to express their creativity and personality on their phone, and that is mostly through phone cases and accessories. Google Pixel has now announced a collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott to bring you unique Live Cases, wallpapers, and even emojis, to make your device more you.

Scott is apparently a fan of emojis and so this collaboration with Google Pixel has brought his creations to “live”. The customized Live Case comes also with a live wallpaper which you can constantly change and update with the various characters that he created. For the Live Case, you can choose from among the 9 canvases he created which features the different cute characters he created. You can make it even more personal by zooming and rotating the designs before choosing which one is perfect for your Pixel and then ordering it.


You will also receive live wallpapers with animated versions of the same characters. And when you shake your phone, they will “come to life” and do their thing. You also get a GIF keyboard which you can use to send any of the 24 character GIFs for the appropriate conversations. You can use them on your Allo, Messenger, or Hangouts, or whatever it is you use to converse with loved ones.


To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, if you live in the US, you might see weird looking mascots roaming around that look like these emojis. Take a picture, post them on your networks using the hashtag #JeremyScottxGoogle. You can customize and then buy your own Jeremy Scott Live Case for only $40 through the Google Store.

SOURCE: Google