The latest high-tech earphones and headphones in the market offer not just the ability to listen to music but a lot of other things as well. We see devices that can also track your activity and those that can give you access to your AI-powered voice digital assistants. Google made a lot of new device announcements at their event today, and one of those is the Google Pixel Buds. It not only gives you quality sound and access to Google Assistant, but you will also get a groundbreaking real-time translation.

Obviously, Pixel Buds is competing with the Apple AirPods, but it also offers a lot more features, including the aforementioned translation. Through Google Assistant and Google Translate, you will be able to have real-time transition in over 40 supported languages. Based on the demo given at the launch event, it works pretty well as a translation device, but it remains to be seen how it will hold up in real-world use.

Aside from being able to translate into different languages, the Pixel Buds have pretty easy-to-use functions. You press and hold the right earbud to be able to bring up Google Assistant. If you need to pause and play what you’re listening to, it just takes one tap on the earbud while swiping on it means adjusting your volume. Just like any other wireless earphones, you need to pair with a smartphone through Bluetooth.

The Google Pixel Buds are already up for pre-order for $159 (same price as Apple AirPods) and comes with a charging case that will give you 24 hours of additional use on top of the 5 hours battery life that it claims to have. The ship date is expected around November or early December.

VIA: SlashGear