Having the Google Pixel Buds is not just a matter of quality (well, if you trust Google in hardware matters of course) but it’s also a matter of convenience as you know the tech giant will try to make life easier for its users given their history. The latest update adds three of the most requested features which includes turning the buds on and off easily, moving on to the next track, and switching to another device to connect to your earbuds.

You can now manually turn on or off your Pixel Buds and it’s only a matter of triple tapping your right ear bud. This is a pretty convenient way of controlling your earbuds, as long as you know how to count to three and you know where your right is. We don’t know yet what will happen if you triple tap on the left earbud but Google will probably have something for that later on.

Meanwhile, if you prefer an easier way of skipping to the next track, you can now do that with a double tap. Previously, double-tapping is when you want to hear notifications. But now you can set it up that two taps will mean skipping to the next track on your playlist. You can still use Google Assistant if you prefer voice commands for doing that.

Lastly, you can now easily switch your paired device to your Pixel Buds by going to the Bluetooth menu of the device that you want to play music or audio books from. Just choose the Pixel Buds in the menu and it will automatically disconnect you from the current device and transfer it to the phone or PC or whatever it is that you want to connect to. The updates have started rolling out and will reach all users by early next week.

SOURCE: Google