Aside from the Galaxy Note 7, the Google Pixel pair is another hot topic within the mobile community. The deviation from the Nexus line is being marketed as the first Google-branded phones. Well, the Nexus was also known as a Google brand so any Nexus phone is also a Google phone. But then the Pixel and Pixel XL are being hailed as phones by Google as described in two new ads published on YouTube before the commercial release.

The videos show the Pixel with references such as ‘Together by you’ and ‘Crush by you’. The first one minute ad somehow tells us the Pixel can bring people more together than ever. From a simple search engine, Google has evolved into something better–one that brings people together. It’s a description for what the phone can do. That is, to bring people together in one place.

We’re still not sure about this ‘Crush by you’ but it features a couple “falling in love”. Maybe they like each or one has a crush on the other but they appear to be real lovers already so more than just a crush. That’s too many pink balloons to be preparing for your “crush”. Or is this just about finding the one? Watch the video and share below what you think about the ads.