Google Pixel 6 5G T-Mobile Speed Boost

If you own a Google Pixel 6 and is subscribed to T-Mobile, you will be glad to know the network is doing a signal boost. There is no official announcement yet but a source shared that a modem log for the Pixel 6 series is available. Some information about a log has been sighted, showing off the performance of the Exynos 5123b modem on the 4G and 5G bands. With carrier aggregation, speed of the mobile internet connectivity is boosted which is possible with the handling of uplink-download traffic via multiple channels on different bands of spectrum.

T-Mobile has been working and testing carrier aggregation. New logs show improvements especially with the new CA combination for n71 and n41 (5G bands) as described.

In the near future, your Pixel 6 5G smartphones will offer faster speeds. Speed may be the same as the Galaxy S21 series with Snapdragon 888 and X60 modem and come with n71-n41 aggregation support in the United States.

This won’t be available yet but only when T-Mobile enables the service. It follows the mmwave 5G reception of the Pixel 6 Google added with the most recent Feature Drop for the phone series.

Your Google Pixel 6 5G can connect and perform faster on T-Mobile. Just make sure you watch out for software updates. The carrier aggregation on T-Mobile 5G’s network will be turned on soon although we have no idea exactly. We’ll let you know once ready.


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