Google Pixel 6 connectivity signal issue

The Pixel 6 series is Google’s latest flagship offering. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro come with premium specs and design. But like previous Pixel phones, they did arrive with a slew of issues. We have reported a number of problems like the flickering display, Google Assistant doing random ghost calling, and some issues on the fingerprint reader. There’s also the charging capped at lower speeds and the connectivity issue. The latter has been acknowledged by Google already.

We’re not sure when the other issues will get a fix but a solution for the connectivity is is now in the works. The Pixel 6/6 Pro signal issues will soon be fixed as Google has just sent out an update to a redditor who sent in a report.

Google is said to have identified a potential solution. The company wants to send the fix to the redditor’s phone to see if it works. Google just needs some information like the phone’s IMEI, network, and location at the time of failure.

The beta OTA should fix the problem. We’re crossing our fingers it will be over soon. If you’re one of the many users affected, you may send in your device IMEI number to Google and other information needed. You may need to wait for the update to be applied to your carrier settings. Let’s see if and when the other problems reported will get a fix as well. Google needs to work on them if it wants to sell more Pixel 6 units.


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