Wireless charging may be the next standard in smartphones but it may take a while since fast charging hasn’t been perfected yet. Well, we don’t think it will reach its pinnacle soon but because OEMs employ different standards and technologies. Quick-charging tech is high in demand but we know not all brands see it as a priority. A bigger battery isn’t exactly the solution. Remember the Galaxy Note 7? Battery tech has definitely more rooms for improvement. This Google Pixel 2 for example, this device better show battery notifications more accurately.

You see, the Pixel 2 XL specifically, is showing that it’s charging fast with at 10W+ but in reality, it’s only charging at below 4W. This happens at low temperatures. Some readers of Android Police complained about the issue on the Pixel 2 XL. There’s no mention if Pixel 2 is included or is showing the same symptom but we’ll focus on the larger variant for now.

The “Charging rapidly” message is said to be misleading phone owners because it’s not really charging fast as it’s supposed to. This happens usually when the temperature gets down to 20°C. It’s not quick or fast charging once a certain temperature is reached which can be a bit frustrating if you really want to quickly juice up your phone.

For the purpose of checking, AP managed to test and recreate the problem. The Pixel 2 XL is compared with the Pixel XL, Essential PH-1, Nextbit Robin, and the OnePlus 5T. The physical environment is room temperature at 24°(C/75°F) and cold at (sub-16°C/61°F). Using a Satechi USB-C Power Meter, the wattage of each phone was checked. Each battery was below 50% before charging.

There are differences in actual values recorded but the Pixel 2 XL shows the biggest change of more than 12W. Slight changes are normal but Pixel 2 XL has the biggest margin. We know there’s a sound explanation for this so let’s wait and see for an official statement from Google.

VIA: Android Police