A conversation with Google Photo’s product lead on Twitter has led to us learning more about what the cloud photo storage app service has in store for us. Aside from asking users about issues they have been facing about the service, he also got to talking about what thing they’re working on which we should see roll out soon on the stable version and in beta testing as well. The thread also gave us, and hopefully them, insight into what people are clamoring to have them work on next.

David Loeb used Twitter to ask users for their feedback about Google Photos and because it’s Twitter, he got a lot of responses and opinionated advice on what should happen to the app. A post on Android Police outlined all the new things that we could discover about this conversation, including some upcoming features. Soon we will be able to manually tag a face on the app. You will only be able to remove wrongly tagged photos but you still can’t add tag someone if Photos hasn’t recognized the face.

Some features on the web may also be coming soon to the mobile version, like the ability to search for photos you recently uploaded. This is important so you can see and edit photos that have been added to the cloud service. You may also soon be able to edit timestamps which is long overdue given both web and iOS versions have had it for some time. Pet photo sharing may also soon be available for your partner libraries so you can program it to automatically share photos recognised as your pet to whomever you tagged as a partner library.

They are also working on giving you the ability to delete photos from your library while you’re browsing albums and favourite an item inside a shared album. There were also a number of requests from users like seeing photos on a map, removing duplicates, sharing tab improvements, local printing of Photos, image descriptions in slideshows, granular controls over those Assistant photo collage / video creations, and bringing back the much missed Google Drive sync.

Now as to when we’ll see the features we’re expecting, that remains to be seen. All Loeb says about the “confirmed” upcoming features is that they’re on the roadmap or they’re still working on it.