Google Photos

Google Photos is here to stay. No, unlike some products and services that Google quickly discontinue, we believe this cloud photo backup service will last. It is one of the more popular and widely used services in the world today. It’s convenient to use because it can store a large amount of photos and videos. You can also easily search within so you’ll have whatever image you need quickly.

Searching for an image or photo is easy. You can also check pictures of your documents in case you need them. The latest update brings a Document hub so you can access your documents much easier and faster.

The Google Photos app has these three sections: People & Pets, Places, and Things. Documents will be added to the categories on the Search tab.The Documents area is ready in different categories from posters to screenshots to signs to paper documents. The app can also identify other modes like text messaging, display boards, post-its, signatures, and business cards among others.

You can search within the Google Photos but with the new section, you can see your photos and images neatly organized. Google has not made an official announcement or release yet so let’s just wait and see.