If you still haven’t gotten on the Google Photos wagon and its unlimited storage for photos and videos, then you probably should get on that. Ever since they introduced this unlimited space for your photos and videos (and at relatively high resolutions at that), it has become even more popular especially for those that “hoard” a lot of pictures on their phone. But now, Google has made a slight change that should affect you if you have videos in unsupported formats.

The change was spotted recently on Google’s support website. The statement says that starting December 6, 2018, if you upload any video in an unsupported format, it will then take up storage space in your Google account. This may include uncompressed, raw videos that you will be using for post-processing later on. If you have a lot of that for some reason, you may have to make space in your Google account or subscribe to their Google Storage options.

This minor change should not affect you if your video formats are the common ones, like MPEG4, AVI, and WMV. If these are the video files that you usually back-up then it’s business as usual for you. Only those that have unsupported formats will have to adjust to the update.

If you don’t have any use for these uncompressed files, make sure that your smartphone camera records videos in the supported formats mentioned above. That way, you get to avoid having your precious Google storage space eaten up with big files that you may not need.

Again, if you haven’t been using Google Photos to back up your photos and videos from your phone, you had better start today before the holiday season arrives with all of the reunion and party pics that you will store. Go download it for free from the Google Play Store.

VIA: SlashGear