The movie editor that you currently have on your Google Photos app is already pretty useful, especially if you are a heavy user of the photo storage app and if you don’t want to add another video editor app to your device. But as with most things, there is room for improvement. We already knew an updated version with new features is coming soon since iOS users already go it, and now it looks like Google has started rolling out the update, giving you a new UI and also adding a few tools to make editing your video better.

Noticeable in the latest update is that you get a white color scheme instead of the familiar all-black background we’ve gotten used to. You also now have your primary video viewer at the top of the screen and underneath it, is a stack of your selected clips and it shows you how much of each is included in the video you’re editing. You don’t have to open the clip anymore to another screen and adjust the sliders as you can now just do that from the main screen.

You get additional controls as well when you tap the overflow button next to a clip. You have things like commands for moving up or down a clip on your video timeline, showing or hiding the unused parts of each of the clips, muting the original audio, inserting a new clip, replicating a clip, removing it from the timeline if you change your mind, and other small but useful commands.

While all of this is good news, the movie editor still needs to be tweaked in order to compete with most video editing tools available. You still don’t have filters or themes that you can apply and you still can’t add text. While you can do that in other editors and then re-import it back to Google Photos, it involves several extra steps, unlike if you have it already built-in within the app. But for now, let’s be satisfied with the improvements.

VIA: Android Police